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Ending Fiat Money Won't Destroy the State

Money and Banks


When we ask ourselves the question, “Can states survive without fiat currency?” the answer is clearly yes.

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Equality and Envy



There are many reasons why activists and intellectuals oppose inequality. Envy is one of them.

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Elizabeth Warren Is So Very Wrong about Inflation

Money and BanksU.S. Economy


Elizabeth Warren has pronounced her verdict on higher food and gasoline prices: they are nothing less than the result of corporate greed. In fact, there is no inflation, only corporations arbitrarily raising prices.

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Economic Progress Requires Long-Term Thinking

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Economics is not simply a series of transactions with hidden implications. Rather sound economics understands that long-term effects outlive the short-term effects of every economic principle or policy.

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Employer Vaccine Mandates: When the Feds Pay the Piper, They Call the Tune

U.S. History


Vaccine mandates are much easier to enforce thanks to the spread of government spending, government contracting, and monopolized government services.

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Evergrande Isn't China's "Lehman Moment." It Could Be Worse Than That.

Money and Banks


The problem with China is that the entire economy is a huge indebted model that needs almost ten units of debt to generate one unit of GDP, three times more than a decade ago.

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Europe Faces a Fragile Economy as the Merkel Era Ends

Money and Banks


A euro collapse, rather than gas prices and bottlenecks, is the most likely source of sustained high CPI inflation in Europe following the Merkel era.       

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Egypt's Bread Subsidies May Bring Millions to the Brink of Starvation

Global EconomyWorld History


Most Egyptians have lived their whole lives in a country where the government heavily subsidizes bread prices. But now the deeply indebted Egyptian state faces some tough choices, and Egypt's poor may suffer the most.  

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