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Five Keys to Professional and Personal Development


Do these things to stand apart from your peers.

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Falling Military Recruitment Is Another Sign of Waning Faith in the Regime

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy


If falling enlistments are an indication of declining faith in the military overall—and especially declining support among conservatives—that's very good news. 

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Federalism, Not Centralization, Is the Way out of the Current Conflicts

Decentralization and SecessionProgressivism


Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, pundits on the Left have demanded even more centralization of government. But federalism is the best way forward.

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Foreign Policy Fail: Biden's Sanctions are a Windfall For Russia!

War and Foreign Policy


As Newsweek noted last week, Russian television pundits are joking that with the financial windfall Russia has seen since sanctions were imposed, “Biden is of course our agent.”

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From the Eccles Building to Vegas: The Fed Enables the Worst Ponzi Schemes

Booms and BustsThe FedInflation


Peter Schiff once joked that Obama should have appointed Bernie Madoff secretary of the Treasury. The government's easy money policies ultimately lead to Ponzi schemes.

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For Presidents, Unpopularity Is a Simple PR Problem. Biden Is No Exception

AntipoliticsEconomic PolicyU.S. Economy


The Biden administration, stung by low poll numbers, insists that the president is receiving unfair PR, which is hiding the "truth" about Biden's many accomplishments.

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Finland and Sweden in NATO: Disregarding the Benefits of Neutrality

War and Foreign Policy


In seeking membership in NATO, Finland and Sweden seem to believe they will have more military security. But they also are giving up their precious independence.

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Florida's Social Media Anticensorship Law and the Court's Tortured Legal Logic



Florida's anticensorship law is being boosted as a defense of free speech. In reality, it turns the First Amendment upside down.

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