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From Discipline to No Discipline: The Sorry Evolution of Modern Banking

Central BanksDemocracyMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksWorld History


Walter Bagehot, as Jim Grant writes, believed that bankers and central bankers should exhibit financial discipline. He would not recognize today's banking world.

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Facing the World at 18

PoliticsProgressivismWar and Foreign Policy


What does a young man just out of high school face in our woke, politicized society?

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Forget the Liquidity Trap—Loose Monetary Policies Cause Recessions

KeynesMonetary PolicyBusiness CyclesMonetary Theory


At the heart of Keynesian business cycle theory is the so-called liquidity trap. Contra Keynes, however, economies don't falter because a sudden increase in the demand for money.

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Food and Shelter Prices Keep Climbing as CPI Growth Hits a Three-Month High

Money and BanksU.S. Economy


We're still living with the consequences of the massive monetary inflation by Trump and Biden. Prices are stubbornly high, and falling real wages are driving Americans to say things are getting worse.

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Federal Government Spending Is Out of Control and Unsustainable. Maine Shows a Way to Reduce Spending.

Bureaucracy and RegulationTaxes and Spending


The latest federal spending spree cannot be sustained. Even though Maine's government is controlled by Democrats, it is finding ways to cut. Washington should take notice.

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Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve

The FedInflation


These days, the Fed and Chairman Jerome Powell are claiming the title of "inflation fighters." The more appropriate moniker should be "inflationists."

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Fiat Money Inflation Not Only Raises Prices but Also Undermines Division of Labor

InflationGold StandardInterventionism


Government interference into money creation and production harms the economy in a number of ways, including skewing the organization of division of labor.

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Family Destruction and Its Socialist Cheerleaders



Socialists don't just want to take your property; they also are demanding control of your children and loved ones.

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