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"Marxism and the Manipulation of Man"

When the Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago this year — and the Soviet Union not long after — many thought socialism had been relegated to the dustbin of history. Unfortunately, the ideology responsible for the death of over 100 million people in the twentieth century is once again spreading throughout the West.

We continue to live in the shadow of Karl Marx.

Luckily, the civilized world has Ludwig von Mises.

This year, we're sending to all of our supporters who donate $25 or more a copy of an important Mises lecture, "Marxism and the Manipulation of Man."

Originally delivered as a lecture in San Francisco, this booklet is a powerful critique of both Marxism and the man behind it. As only he can, Mises directs his piercing analysis into what it is about these ideas that allows them to persist in an otherwise civilized society.

Perfect for the Misesian veteran, or a teenager preparing for the indoctrination of modern universities, this is a booklet that you will want to read for yourself and pass along to friends and family. Donate today and get your copy!


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