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Full Audio: War and Peace in the Age of Trump

  • Ron Paul in Lake Jackson

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The late Murray Rothbard thought war and peace was the most important libertarian issue. He argued that war was justified only in response to a direct attack. Interventions abroad to advance supposed American interests or values serve only to advance the power of the Leviathan State and ought to be entirely rejected. By this measure, US foreign policy in the 20th and early 21st centuries has been a disaster. Interventionism, nation building, and wars of choice have caused enormous damage and increased the State's power, just as Rothbard foresaw. Last weekend, Dr. Ron Paul, David Stockman, Phil Giraldi, Lew Rockwell, Hunt Tooley, Jeff Deist, and Daniel McAdams will assessed the prospects for peace in the Trump years. The event took place in Lake Jackson, Texas, at the Dow Academic Center of Brazosport College.

Ron Paul: Peace is Popular

Jeff Deist: War and Peace in the Age of Trump

Lew Rockwell: Will Fake News Trigger WW3?

Thomas Massie: A Congressman's View on War

David Stockman: The Deep State and the Donald

Daniel McAdams: Can We Win?

Panel with Hunt Tooley, Phil Giraldi, and Daniel McAdams: "Prospects for Peace in the Age of Trump"


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