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How GDP Stats Create the Illusion of Fed-Fueled Economic Growth


Since GDP is expressed in dollar terms, the so-called real GDP fluctuations are in response to the fluctuations in the quantity of dollars pumped into the economy.

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How Easy Money Inflated Corporate Profits

Money and Banks


After many months of covid stimulus, there's a bonanza in US pandemic profits. But unlike price inflation, these profits really are likely to be transitory.

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How We Will Win

StrategyPolitical Theory


We will win. But how long will it take, and at what price victory?

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How to Avoid Depressions? Foster Saving and Investment


Economic depressions are not caused by a strong decline in the money stock, but by a depleted stock of real savings.

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How Much Control Does the Central Bank Have over Interest Rates?

Money and Banks


The central bank can manipulate the interest rate to whatever level it desires. But it cannot control how the interest rate is dictated by each individual's time preference. That's a problem. 

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How the Classical Gold Standard Fueled the Rise of the State

Money and BanksU.S. HistoryWorld History


The classical gold standard brought the rise of central banks and state-imposed monetary "standardization."  This set the stage for later monetary disasters. 

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How Market Freedom Combats Economic Inequality

U.S. EconomyU.S. History


Joe Biden thinks that unless there's widespread government intervention in the economy, economic inequality "brews and ferments political discord and basic revolutions."

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How Governments Seized Control of Money

Money and BanksWorld History


It took many centuries for regimes to secure the sort of prestige and power necessary to claim a monopoly over money. From the state's perspective, it has been worth it. 

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