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China: The Regime's Managed Economy Is Stagnating

Global Economy


China is a lesson for those in the West that see China’s rising interventionism as a good idea. Political interventionism means bad capital allocation, worse job creation, and the worst type of inequality, the one that is politically driven.

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China Won't Be Taking Over the World

Global Economy


Faced with countless demographic, economic, and strategic problems, China is more likely to collapse than take over the world.

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Carl Menger Explains Value

World History


The anchor of all valuation is the usefulness of a good for the well-being of an individual human being.

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Covid Tyranny Destroys the Myth of "Liberal Democracy"

Big GovernmentThe Police State


It wasn’t "fascism" or "Russia" that normalized lockdowns, mandates, and massive whirlwind profits to politically connected cronies in the West—it was the alleged defenders of "liberal democracy." 

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Cuba: The Dictatorship and the "Blockade" Lie

World History


All the propaganda that whitewashes the Cuban dictatorship is based on two lies: the nonexistent “blockade” and the allegedly excellent “public health.”

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Canada's Left Is Pushing Some Albertans to See the Benefits of Secession

Decentralization and Secession


The present Trudeau administration has continued straining economic relations with the western provinces. And the government’s tough lockdowns have heightened polarization in Canadian politics,

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Canada's Wait Times for Healthcare Are Huge. Activists Blame Free Markets.



Canada's "private" long-term care homes are anything but private. But the fact a small sliver of the marketplace is allowed to charge fees for services means activists want even more socialized medicine. 

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Consumer Expectations Don't Tell Us Much about the Real State of the Economy

U.S. Economy


In a free, unhampered market economy, individuals’ expectations are likely to correspond to the facts of reality. But we live in an economy where central banks routinely distort market signals and deceive the public. 

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