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Mises versus Hayek on the Future of Civilization

HayekCalculation and KnowledgePhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheoryPraxeology


While F.A. Hayek is known for his term “spontaneous order,” Mises saw institutional development as coming from growth in human understanding of things.

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Marxist States Never "Wither Away" as Marx Predicted

DemocracyLanguageSocialismWorld History


David Gordon continues his analysis of Graham Priest’s book, Capitalism: Its Nature and Its Replacement. While Priest might not understand either Marxism or capitalism, his book has useful insights.

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Monetary Inflation Won't Create Economic Growth

Money and Banks


David Hume, Adam Smith, and Étienne de Condillac observed that money is neither a consumers' good nor a producers' good and that, therefore, its quantity is irrelevant for the wealth of a nation.

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Mises U Students Interview Some of Their Favorite Faculty Members


Mises U students interview Karl-Friedrich Israel and Tate Fegley.

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Mises U Students Share Their Favorite Finds at the Mises Institute


Mises U students share what it's like being at the Mises Institute.

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Modern Socialism Is Forced Socialization

Bureaucracy and RegulationPaternalismProgressivismSocialism


Modern socialism is based upon state interference in normal human relationships, economic and otherwise. It is as disastrous as the older state-planning model.

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Mises and Nationalism

DemocracyEuropeLiberalismWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


At a time when ethnic politics were tearing Europe apart, Ludwig von Mises believed that such ethnic devotion did more harm than good.

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Mises University Starts in Two Days. Will You Support Our Budding Scholars?


Mises University would not happen without our generous donors. There's still time to support this year's program. Thank you!

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