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Central Bank Digital Currency: A Primer

Monetary PolicyPlanningMoney and Banking

Let us begin with what CBDCs definitely are not: they are not a new kind of cryptocurrency akin to bitcoin.

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Capitalist Luxury vs. "The True Meaning of Christmas"

Media and CultureWorld History


The idea of ordinary people enjoying luxuries and "unnecessary" items has long troubled intellectuals and aristocrats. But thanks to capitalism, ordinary people can now enjoy the basic pleasures the ruling classes have long seized for their own. 

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California Voters Defeated Affirmative Action and the Left Was Very Surprised

Legal SystemMedia and Culture


Ideally, political elites would like nothing more than state-sponsored ethnic conflict. Having multiple groups pitted against each other in petty political squabbles makes effective opposition against the managerial class virtually impossible. 

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Colonialism Doesn't Explain the Developing World's Problems

World History


It is popular to assume that colonialism explains most modern-day dynamics in the developing world. But what if precolonial institutions are the real deciding factors?

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Central Banks Put Wind at Bitcoin's Back

BitcoinFinancial Markets


The central banks can be thanked for all bubbles, including those in cryptocurrencies.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies and the War on (Physical) Cash

Money and Banks

Central banks are claiming that their introduction of digital currencies is not tied to monetary policy, but it's clear that these digital currencies' potential effects on policy are precisely why they're being pushed.

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Climate Change Policy Isn't Worth Its High Cost

The EnvironmentPlanning


The doomsday mantra of climate activists is guided by antihumanism and a desire for control. This worldview is a grave danger to human flourishing.

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Covid Is Just the Latest Excuse for Canada’s Politicians to Violate the Constitution


If the word “free” is to have any meaning, it should mean something more than whatever freedom remains after the government has finished restricting it.

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