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The Western Lands and Foreign Policy in the Early Republic

U.S. History


As one settler put it, "All mankind … have an undoubted right to pass into every vacant country, and to form their constitution, and … Congress is not empowered to forbid them." Unfortunately, Congress had good reasons not to acknowledge this.

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The Everything Bubble: How A Debt-Driven Economy Creates More Frequent Crises

Booms and Busts


For decades, demand-side policies showed diminishing but not lethal results, but now the world has repeated the same policies so many times that there is simply exhaustion.

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They Said Things Would Be Much Worse in States without Lockdowns. They Were Wrong.


When Georgia and Florida scaled back covid restrictions, the experts predicted far more death in the "open states" than in the locked down states like New York and California. The numbers tell a different story. 

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The Never-Ending Battle between Leviathan and Liberty

World History


Few political follies are more hazardous than presuming that one’s liberties are forever safe. If liberty is God’s gift to humanity, then why were most people who ever lived on Earth denied this divine bequest?

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The Destructive Power of Keynesian Spending Plans

Taxes and Spending


The more the government spends, the worse it is for the health of the economy and thus for economic growth. Experts who advocate for very strong government stimulus never bother to ask how those measures are going to be supported by the larger economy.

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The New New Deal Has Already Arrived. Thank the Covid Panic.

U.S. EconomyU.S. History


The new covid relief bill signals that whatever restraint on public spending existed before 2020 is now all but gone. And the bill represents the beginning of a new era: an era that can be likened to that of the New Deal. 

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The Fed's Money Supply Measures: The Good News—and the Really, Really Bad News

Money and Banking


Here's a likely reason the Fed has chosen to hide its data on government deposits: the explosion of Treasury deposits at the fed “fuels … suggestions that the Fed is directly financing the government [and] foster[s] uncertainty about central bank independence.”

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To Understand Economics, First Understand Private Property

World HistoryMoney and Banking


Rothbard recognized that money and exchange could not develop without first establishing private property. So Rothbard also recognized that it was important to develope theories of how private property might come about. 

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