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Surviving Tech Purges: What We're Doing at the Mises Institute

StrategyHistory of the Austrian School of Economics


We will never water down our message to satisfy censors or maintain a particular platform; instead we will work around them. 

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Socialists Claim Their System Is Morally Superior. They're Wrong.

CapitalismSocialismWorld History


Even granting the goals of “meeting people’s needs” and “selflessness” cherished by socialists, a property-based market economy is far superior at meeting those goals in modern civilization compared to a top-down, centrally controlled socialist system.

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Subjective Value Is Not the Same as Arbitrary Value

Value and Exchange


Why do individuals pay much higher prices for some goods versus other goods? The answer requires understanding the law of diminishing marginal utility. 

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Slavery: The "Broken Window" of American Economic History


The "New Historians" can identify the ostensible economic prowess of slavery, but they have ignored the many unseen costs imposed by slave economies.

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Socialist Robert Heilbroner's Confession in 1990: "Mises Was Right."


The 1920 article by Mises is as unknown today by graduate students in economics as it was in 1990, 1950, or 1930. But at least one man in the socialist camp admitted to the New York literati that Mises was right. 

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Stop Confusing Money with Wealth

Cronyism and CorporatismFinancial MarketsInflation


Useful goods and services, and the productive resources needed to create useful goods and services, are wealth. Money is not wealth, and creating more money without first creating wealth is a big problem. 

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Socialists Have Never Shown How They Could Increase the Standard of Living


Fighting erroneous socialist doctrines is not a special interest of a single class but the cause of all; everyone would suffer under the limitation of production and of progress entailed by socialism.

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Social Media Companies Aren't the Good Guys. They're Also Not Monopolists.

Media and CultureMonopoly and Competition


Social media has lied about user privacy and has misled the public about the platforms' status as open forums. But none of this makes these companies monopolies. 

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