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Is College Worth It?


Blog2 hours ago

Whether you need college in today's world of unlimited digital information is exceedingly subjective.

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Money Is Not Wealth, Nor Is Wealth Natural Resources

Economic FreedomMonetary PolicyProperty RightsSocialism

Blog3 hours ago

Development economists often confuse natural resources with wealth and then are puzzled when countries rich in resources experience widespread poverty. Free markets lead to creation of wealth, period.

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Should Libertarians Get behind States Waging "Humanitarian" Wars?

War and Foreign Policy

Blog6 hours ago

Fernando R. Tesón is all mixed up. He thinks libertarians' principled nonaggression ties their hands in the face of violence against others and that this limitation extends to good-guy states.

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Will the US Dollar Weaken against Other Currencies?


Blog11 hours ago

For now, the dollar seems to be doing well against other currencies, but how long will that last?

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Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Still a Work in Progress

The EntrepreneurGlobal EconomyEntrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is the key to real development, but cultural attitudes are often a significant barrier to entrepreneurship in the developing world.

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A Tale of Two Liberties

LiberalismStrategyWorld History


In colonial America, "liberty" came to mean rights one possessed outside of government approval. In revolutionary France (and in modern Canada) it has come to mean participation in a political system.

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How the Public Lost Trust in the Federal Reserve (Which Should Never Have Been Trusted in the First Place)

The FedInflation


Between its political happy talk in the contrast to reality and its broken promises, whatever credibility the Fed had in the past is long gone

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AB 257: Another Antieconomic California Boondoggle

Big GovernmentLabor and WagesLegal System


Not satisfied with putting thousands of people out of work with its infamous AB 5 legislation, California lawmakers now are going after fast-food businesses.

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