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War Spending Gives MMTers and the Left a Strong Talking Point

Economic PolicyWar and Foreign Policy


When conservatives applaud unlimited war spending, they not only harm our economy and body politic, but they give the Left a powerful talking point.

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Who Really Makes US Foreign Policy? Who Benefits and Who Loses?

War and Foreign Policy


US foreign policy is a morass of lobbying, payouts, decisions, and power plays that violates the standards this country claims to promote.

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What Will It Take to End Rampant Home-Price Inflation?

U.S. History


Real deflation—both monetary inflation and price inflation—is necessary, and that can only be accomplished if the Fed can resist the temptation to keep doing what it's been doing since 2008.

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Who Owns Federal Reserve Losses and How Will They Impact Monetary Policy?

Money and Banking

The Fed is losing a lot of money. The Fed's  stated plan is to monetize these losses and still report a positive capital and surplus position through the use of “creative accounting.”

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Why Police Do Nothing While Kids Are Killed


Unlike a private-sector service, police do not operate under any contractual obligations to provide services in any particular way. They can choose to do nothing at all, and face no real consequences. 

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What Is Stagflation and What Causes It?

Central BanksInflationUnemployment


The specter of stagflation is with us again despite Keynesians' claims that a new bout of inflation will lower unemployment. What causes it?

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Will Punch-Drunk Biden Take America Down with Him?

AntipoliticsBureaucracy and RegulationEconomic Policy


Inflation is at a forty-year high, fuel prices are wreaking havoc, and there's no end in sight. Time for Biden to tell us how good we have it.

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Why Russia's Authoritarian Regime Continues to Enjoy Public Support

AntipoliticsDemocracyLegal SystemThe Police State


Vladimir Putin (not unlike President George W. Bush) has led his country into a destructive war, yet the Russian political leadership enjoys wide public support.

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