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The Crime of '71: When Nixon Ended the Dollar's Last Connection to Gold

U.S. History


Nixon's decision to end the gold redeemability of the greenback was probably the most comprehensive act of monetary expropriation of modern times.

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The Great Keynesian Coup of August 1971: Fifty Years Later

Money and Banks


The collapse of the monetary order in 1971 reflected the massive dislocations and malinvestment of resources that ultimately turned the decade into one crisis after another. Keynesians are doing something similar today. 

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The Old Right on War and Peace

War and Foreign Policy


"The state cannot intervene in the economic affairs of society without building up its coercive machinery, and that, after all, is militarism. Power is the correlative of politics." ~Frank Chodorov

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The Seen and the Unseen of Government R&D

U.S. History


While it’s easy to fixate on the handful of success stories, the litany of government innovation failures should be enough to sober up even the most enthusiastic proponent of state-backed entrepreneurship.

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The Role of Intellectuals and Anti-intellectuals

Media and CulturePolitical Theory


How can anyone get away with controlling a state? Why would others put up with such an institution?

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The Moral Law versus Tyranny

World History


Is there any law beyond civil law? What do we mean when we say “law” in a particular context? What are the current limitations on law? What should the limits on law be? Bastiat and Leonard Read help provide answers. 

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The Coming Schism in the Evangelical Voting Bloc



What is the modern state? The answer to this question will—and perhaps already has—split the once unified white evangelical voting bloc.

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The Q2 Impact Report Is Here


The warmer months have been busy at the Mises Institute. Check out what we've accomplished with your help!

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