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Without Easy Money from the Fed, Home Prices Will Keep Falling

U.S. Economy


Home price growth of the sort we've seen in recent years simply cannot be sustained without a continued commitment to easy money from the central bank, and it shows.

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Why Proposition 13 and Attacking It Are Both Popular

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationTaxes and Spending


More than forty years ago, California voters enthusiastically passed Proposition 13, which limited property tax hikes. Politicians have been lying about it ever since.

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Why Do Western Celebrities Usually Support Collectivism?



Celebrities in Western countries generally support socialism or some sort of collectivism. While they benefit from supporting collectivism, the poor people they claim to care about suffer under it.

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Why We Need True History and Good Historians

World History


We must do the hard work of writing good history which tells true stories about markets, the modern state, decentralization, and the tyranny of government health officials.

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What Do Supply and Demand Curves Really Tell Us? Not Very Much

PraxeologyPricesProduction Theory


It is easy to think of supply and demand curves as being key to economic analysis. In reality, they can't tell us much, and emphasizing them actually stands in the way of better understanding economic processes.

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We're Getting Poorer: Price Inflation Grew Faster than Wages Again in September

U.S. Economy


There are only painful options for bringing price inflation under control at this point, and that's all thanks to the Fed's creation of countless bubbles and malinvestments over the past decade. 

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We Need Truth and Beauty

DemocracyProgressivismAustrian Economics OverviewPraxeology


Being right is not enough. Economics must appeal both to truth and beauty, which are inescapably linked.

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We Are Not the Government, but America Is No Longer Anything More than the Government

Decentralization and SecessionU.S. History


In this politicized age, being an American means little more than being subject to the federal government. Yet, as Rothbard noted, we are not "the government," but rather people who are part of like communities, which we should celebrate.

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