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Why Postmodernism Is Incompatible with a Politics of Liberty

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Postmodernism lends itself to totalitarianism. Once beliefs aren't constrained by the object world, an idea can't be wrong, and the intellectual battleground becomes a political one, a struggle to impose certain ideas on all.

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Why Beijing Wants a Digital Yuan

World History


The Chinese regime hopes it can use a digital yuan to challenge the supremacy of the US dollar. That brings a host of geopolitical advantages, as well. 

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Why Envy Can Destroy Economic Progress


In some cultures, entrepreneurial achievement and capital accumulations are viewed with high levels of suspicion and envy. This can be disastrous for economic progress. 

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Why AERC Remains One of the Few Venues for Real Intellectuals

History of the Austrian School of Economics


At a time when universities have become the most intolerant institutions against intellectual freedom, environments like the Austrian Economics Research Conference have never been more important.

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Why Is Economic Journalism So Bad?

Economic PolicyFinancial MarketsU.S. EconomyMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


The financial press gives us the what, when we need the how and why. Economic journalism needs a reset.

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With Victoria Nuland Nomination, Biden Signals a Return to Bush-Obama-Era Foreign Policy

War and Foreign Policy


Nuland was an advisor to ultrainterventionist Dick Cheney and would continue the costly expansionist policies of the Bush and Obama years. 

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What the Shipping Container Shortage Reveals about US-China Trade

Protectionism and Free TradeU.S. Economy


In a normal world, American spending would have sharply declined during the past year. But a flood of newly printed money has juiced spending and imports. 

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Why the State Won't Tolerate Independence for Christianity

Media and CultureU.S. History


The state seeks to not only supplant religious institutions by usurping their mundane functions but by usurping their spiritual functions as well. American Christian institutions form both a rival religion and a competing pole of social power.

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