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Instead of protecting us, the state has delivered us and our property to the mob. The tenets of the Austrian school are the only way to fight back this encroachment.

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Joe Weisenthal Thinks Debasing the Dollar Is the Moral Thing to Do

Money and Banks


In one recent thread, Weisenthal mocked the people worried about the falling purchasing power of the US dollar, and claimed that it would be immoral for currency to maintain its value over time.

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“Covid,” “global warming,” “overpopulation,” “domestic extremism”—the crisis may change, but the playbook remains the same. But we can change the outcome.

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John Tamny Reviews Mark Spitznagel's Safe Haven

Global EconomyPhilosophy and Methodology


Safe Haven is a compelling book about how we view risk, and a challenge to rethink how we "pay" to mitigate it.

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Jan Tinbergen, Pioneer of Central Planning

Book Reviews


Every time something good seemed to emerge from Tinbergen’s work, he seems to have managed to twist it in an awful direction.

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John Stuart Mill, "the Marketplace of Ideas," and Minority Opinion



There is little evidence that Mill advocated an unhampered marketplace of ideas. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary—that he preferred a kind of “affirmative action for unconventional opinions.”

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Japan's Well-Fed Zombie Corporations

Money and Banking

A growing number of fragile and deeply indebted enterprises have become more dependent on government bailouts, loans, subsidies, short-time working benefits, and loans from central banks. 

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Jesús Huerta de Soto’s Six Stages of the Austrian Business Cycle: Which Stage Are We in Now?

Booms and BustsMoney and BanksBusiness Cycles


An unheralded work on the Austrian business cycle that rivals the work of the greats is Jesús Huerta de Soto’s Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles, which outlines a multistate process of boom and bust. 

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