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Contra Krugman, Policies of Countering Unemployment Are Costly

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyUnemployment


Paul Krugman and other Keynesians believe that since workers are unemployed during a recession, government spending to employ them is costless. Instead of creating wealth, these make-work schemes destroy it.

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Climate Deniers Deny Socialism. That's Why the Regime Hates Them.

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationThe EnvironmentSocialism


So-called climate change is really an excuse for government to do what it does worst: intervene in our economic affairs. While government efforts will not cool the planet, they will make life more difficult for the planet’s inhabitants.

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Can Classical Economics Explain the Approaching Fiscal Disaster?

Economic PolicyStrategyTaxes and SpendingOther Schools of Thought


There is a lack of buyers for US Treasury debt. Rating agencies have recently downgraded the US debt, and entitlement benefits’ “trust funds” will go into the red in a few years. The classical economists offer few answers to the depth of this problem. 

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Can an Easy Money Policy Increase Employment of "Idle Resources"?

Booms and BustsCentral BanksKeynesMonetary Policy


When an economy suffers a recession, some factors of production, such as labor, become unemployed. Keynesians believe that expanding credit and fiat money will bring back full employment. That's not how an economy works.

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Claudine Gay, DEI, and the War in the Middle East

PoliticsProgressivismU.S. History


Claudine Gay's unceremonious exit from the Harvard University presidency ultimately was not due to her plagiarism issues, but rather because of her disastrous appearance at a congressional hearing on Israel and Hamas.

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Central Banks Brought Inflation. Now they Bring Stagnation.

Money and BanksMoney and Banking


By ignoring monetary aggregates, central banks may cut rates with no real effect on the productive economy and solve nothing. There may be a significant contraction in economic activity even if rates decline, as credit availability worsens even with declining rates, but markets keep inflating...

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Conservatives Shouldn’t Assume the Supreme Court Will Save Trump

U.S. History


It would be a mistake for conservatives to believe their team will bail out "their guy." In the end, most of those wearing robes are closer to their enemies than their friends.

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COP28: Climate Catastrophism Wins as the World Loses

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe EnvironmentSocialismWar and Foreign Policy


World elites gathered in yet another attempt to remake the world in a different image, with so-called climate change invoked as the catalyst for the meeting. As one can imagine, their "good" society is not very good for those who are not elites.

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