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Kendi's Critical Race Theory Is a Failed Marxist Doctrine

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


While Ibrahim Kendi's infamous antiracism center at Boston University implodes, the doctrines espoused by the center continue to present false social narratives.

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Karl Marx Was Not an Economist

SocialismOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology


Karl Marx may have been a philosopher or just someone with an opinion. He was not, however, an economist.

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Keynesian Policies Gave Us High Debt, Inflation, and Weak Growth

Global EconomyTaxes and Spending


The global economy is entering a recession because recent unprecedented government spending has zombified hugely indebted economies and has crowded out the private sector.

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Krugman Is Wrong (Again): Artificially Low Interest Rates Created Bubbles

The FedInflationCapital and Interest Theory


Paul Krugman denies that the Fed artificially suppressed interest rates. As usual, Krugman neither understands interest rates nor the effects of inflationary policies.

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Keynesians and Market Monetarists Didn't See Inflation Coming

Money and Banks


It is interesting that the founder and leader of the market monetarists declared in January 2020 that the world was about to enter a "golden age" of low inflation for the Federal Reserve.

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Keep US Out of War

War and Foreign Policy

A key problem with collective security is the fact that when gangs of states wade into a conflict, they inexorably widen it.

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Kyle Rittenhouse: The Media's Assault on the Rights of the Accused

U.S. History


The Rittenhouse case has uncovered a major threat to modern American jurisprudence, but not the threat that progressives are claiming.

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Kyle Rittenhouse and the Evil of Generalized Justice

LawMedia and CulturePhilosophyProperty RightsPrivate Property


Will guilt or innocence in criminal trials increasingly hinge on broader desirable social justice outcomes?

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