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Money Supply Growth Heads Back Up: February Growth Up to 7 Percent

U.S. Economy


During February 2022, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 7.1 percent. That's up from January's rate of 6.8 percent, and down from the February 2021 rate of 39.1 percent. Growth peaked in February 2021.

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Message from Lew Rockwell: Forty Years Ago


For forty years, we have not compromised with the state nor those who promote it.

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Markets Are Peaceful but the State Is Not

Free MarketsWar and Foreign Policy


There are only two ways human cooperation occurs: through voluntary means or through coercion. The free market stands for voluntary cooperation; coercion and violence are the means of the state.

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Markets and Private Property, Not Government, Protect the Environment

The EnvironmentProperty Rights


Standard beliefs say that government protects our natural environment while the market system destroys it. Economic analysis gives a much different perspective.

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Modern Portfolio Theory: Economics without Praxeology



Modern portfolio theory, while popular with many economists, runs into serious problems when examined through the lens of Austrian economics

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Martial Law Was Not a Political Panacea for the Philippines

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Police StatePolitical Theory

The likely election of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as the next president of the Philippines might create nostalgia for the martial law his father declared as president. Martial law, however, holds no promise for a thriving economy.

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Money and Savings Are Not the Same Thing

Money and Banks


Saving is not about never consuming things. Rather, saving enables us to devote more resources to growing wealth now for the purpose of consuming more in the future. 

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Mises and the German Neo-liberals

World History


In the cold light of economic reasoning, we can see that the Marshall Plan was in essence a scheme for postponing the bankruptcy of socialism and the welfare state.

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