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Social Insecurity: It’s Not Wrong to be Concerned about Facts

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy


Social Security is headed for reduced benefits, and no amount of political rhetoric or even tax increases will solve that problem. The numbers do not lie.

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Studying Economic Data Is Not "Doing Economics"

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologySubjectivism


Economists are fond of claiming that employing data and statistical analysis is actually “doing economics.” No, they are “doing data” and nothing more. Real economics employs real theories that explain economic phenomena.

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Serbia’s Two Traditions of Freedom

Economic FreedomSocialismWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


We don't think of Serbia as a “free” country, but there were movements toward limited government in the past. Unfortunately, the events of the twentieth century overwhelmed the freedom movements there.

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Secession's Opponents Embrace Colonialism and "Enlightened" Central Governments

Decentralization and SecessionWorld History


Opponents of secession use a moral doctrine which justifies regimes' denial of the right of self-determination. These de facto colonialists tell us separatists are too backward and immoral to be allowed to govern themselves. 

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Social Media Should Not Be Blamed for the Consequences of Democracy

Big GovernmentDemocracyPolitics


Social media tends to be blamed for the overall nastiness of public discourse. Instead of condemning this form of communication, condemn the fuel that feeds this conflagration: democracy.

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Sustainability of Eden: Can the UN's Sustainability Agenda Succeed in a World Full of Conflict?

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyThe EnvironmentWar and Foreign Policy


While the UN pushes its flawed climate agenda, it risks turning present international conflicts into bigger ones. By making most people in the world poorer, the economic restrictions in the name of fighting climate change will have serious repercussions.

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Silent Cal Had a Lot to Say


His policies took more than a million people off the income tax rolls, and 98% of Americans paid no income tax at the end of his term. As a result, America prospered under Coolidge. Real economic growth averaged 7% per year while he was in office.

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Should We Embrace the Stateless Roman Political Thought?



The concept of the state has more to do with the worldview of ancient Greek philosophers than with the Roman Empire. We could learn a few things about statelessness from the Romans.

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