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Murray Rothbard versus the Progressives



When communism fell with the USSR, Murray Rothbard realized that the greater threat to liberty was social democracy. Events of the past few years have proven him correct.

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Misunderstanding Mises, Again



After praising Mises for his work on socialism, Tyler Cowen goes on to claim Human Action is "cranky and dogmatic." "Brilliant and insightful" would have been more truthful.

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Myth versus Ideology: Why Free Market Thinking Is Nonideological

Free MarketsSocialism


Austrian economists often are labeled ideologues for advocating for free markets, yet socialism requires the ideological blinders.

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Murray Rothbard Was Right: Deposit "Insurance" Is Not Insurance at All

Money and Banks


Insurance protects individuals from events that cannot be foreseen. As Murray Rothbard noted, however, deposit insurance exists to "protect" a system that is inherently bankrupt.

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Mises and Imaginary Constructions

Austrian Economics OverviewProduction Theory


While Austrian economists criticize the neoclassicals for their models' use of untrue assumptions, critics have turned the same criticism against the Austrians for their use of the evenly rotating economy.

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Misunderstanding Murray (Again)

Free MarketsHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPolitical TheorySubjectivism


Professor Melinda Cooper of Australia believes she has "discovered" Murray Rothbard, but the Rothbard she claims to have found is nonexistent. David Gordon explains why.

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Molinari Explains the Difference between Monarchy and Popular Government

World History


The rise of democracy blurred the lines between the regime and the people it exploits. This was less of a problem under monarchs, whose interests were clearly separate from the public's. 

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Mandatory Vaccines vs. Logic and Kantian Ethics

LawProgressivismThe Police State


Vaccine mandates imposed by governments violate individual rights and further the coercive powers of the state. They also violate Kantian ethical norms, turning people into vehicles to accomplish the ends of governing elites.

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