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The RESTRICT Act Launches a New War on Free Speech

Bureaucracy and RegulationDemocracyMedia and CultureWar and Foreign Policy


The bipartisan RESTRICT Act—marketed as a "Tik Tok ban"—is properly named because it will restrict freedom, empower the state, and expand government surveillance. 

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The Fed’s Capital Goes Negative

Money and Banks


A billion here and a billion there starts to add up to real money—we are now talking about real money when it comes to Fed losses.

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The Pentagon's Budget from Hell


Defense funding policies are increasingly influenced by weapons contractors who benefit mightily off the sweat and toil of the American taxpayer.

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To Fight the State, Build Alternatives to the State


The challenge at hand is more than simply opposing the state. Rather, it is necessary to build up, reinforce, and sustain institutions that can offer alternatives to the state.

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The Last Lie Government Will Ever Tell

DemocracyProgressivismWar and Foreign Policy


Western governments seem to relish a clash with Russia, despite the specter of nuclear war. If so, it will be a conflict built on government lies.

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The Myth of "Economic Power"


“Economic power,” then, is simply the right under freedom to refuse to make an exchange. Every man has this power. Political power, on the other hand, is something very different.

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The Rise of the Medical Security State

Bureaucracy and RegulationProgressivismThe Police State


What happens when covid becomes the excuse for a lawless authoritarianism?

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The Fed Backtracks on Future Rate Hikes as Bank Failures Loom Large

Money and Banks


The FOMC has slowed down in its monetary tightening over the past two months, and at Wednesday's press conference, Fed chairman Jerome Powell continued his shift to dovish territory.

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