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Fiat Money Economies Are Built on Lies

Booms and BustsMoney and Banks


The public usually doesn't understand how fiat money expansion benefits the regime at their expense. The regime likes it that way. 

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From Livestock to Bitcoin: "Legitimacy" and the Evolution of Money

Money and Banks


Without money, specialization is constrained; without money, dreams of constructing an advanced society are merely a utopian pipe dream. 

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Fannie and Freddie Are Just Government Agencies. They're Likely to Stay That Way.

U.S. History


Fannie and Freddie were long quasi-government corporations that typified the corrupt union between the feds and corporate America. But now it looks like both companies are just full-on government corporations. 

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Forget Hemlines. Mom Jeans Are Now an Economic Indicator.

Booms and Busts


Many have long speculated that there is a correlation between economic prosperity and the length of women's hemlines. But perhaps it's now "mom jeans," with their high waists and ample fit, that indicate the true state of the economy. 

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Fed Transparency Won't Get Us out of the Mess the Fed Created

Money and Banking


There is much talk these days about Fed "transparency" easing the effects of monetary policy. But it is not possible to deflate the present gigantic monetary bubble without a severe economic bust, and a policy of transparency employed by the Fed cannot prevent the inevitable bust.

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February Money-Supply Growth Hit Yet Another All-Time High.

Money Supply


During February 2021, year-over-year growth in the money supply was 39.1 percent. That makes February the eleventh month of remarkably high growth in the wake of unprecedented quantitative easing and "stimulus."

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Fighting Totalitarianism: Rothbard versus Monasticism

Decentralization and SecessionLibertarianismStrategy


To adopt monasticism before the international fascism we face today would amount not only to seceding but also to ceding everything worth saving to the monsters

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Fiscal Stimulus vs. Economic Growth

Money and Banking


We're told more government spending will get the economy back on track. But increasing government spending weaken the process of wealth creation. 

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