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From El Salvador to Africa, the Next Currency War Pits Populists against Bankers

BitcoinCentral BanksMoney and Banks


In the face of the coming hardship, central bankers and globalist institutions are going to demand more power to respond to the crisis they created. Bitcoin gives their political opponents a weapon against them.

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Facing Unpleasant Facts: What You aren’t Supposed to say about the War in Ukraine

War and Foreign Policy


A funny thing has happened on the way to accepting the standard ruling-class narrative on the war in Ukraine: inconvenient and unpleasant facts about the region and its recent history.

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FDR Wasn't the Only One Who Declared War on Gold to Save Paper Money


The Turkish regime understands that many Turks have fled the devalued lira by purchasing gold. It is working on several schemes to get people to turn in their gold.

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Fauci on Your Phone?

U.S. History


With her new bill, Representative Ann Kuster wants to “bolster and quicken our nationwide vaccine rollout” by keeping track of the vaccination status of every American.

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Freedom Needs Us, and We Need You

The Mises Institute stands for an old-fashioned ideal: the value of freedom and the power of good ideas to change the world. Please help.

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From Diseases to Recessions, Government Failure Is Endemic

World History


As with economic policy to "cure" recessions, the authorities’ health response is good at crippling markets, but never delivers what is promised. 

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Four Reasons the Next Recession Will Be Worse Than the Last One


Economic fundamentals are weaker today than when the Great Recession began. And the Fed has less room to maneuver. This suggests the next crisis will be even bigger than the last one. 

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Forced Vaccinations in France Bring Both Repression and Protest

World History


Macron says vaccines are not compulsory for the general public for now, but they are essentially required for anyone who wants to live a normal life. 

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