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Against Our Limitless Regime: An Empire of Lies


Join Ted Carpenter, Michael Rectenwald, Karen Kwiatkowski, and Jonathan Newman for a no-holds-barred discussion against the regime.

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A Higher Minimum Wage Won't Improve Life in Pennsylvania

Economic PolicyLabor and WagesProgressivismUnemployment


Forcing the minimum wage above the real market wage causes more unemployment. Small businesses suffer from these mandates as do the least productive workers. 

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A Peaceful International Order Needs Free Markets

PoliticsProtectionism and Free TradeThe Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


The recent declaration of the G7 sounds more like "we want to rule the world" than "we want peace." Other nations are tired of the West's phony Rules Based Order.

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Assumptions Matter Both in Economics and in the Real World

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


One of the standard doctrines of mainstream economics is that the assumptions of a model do not have to reflect reality. Austrian economics vociferously disagrees.

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After the Debt Ceiling Deal: Look for Liquidity Problems in the Markets

The FedMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksU.S. Economy


As Washington cheers the so-called budget deal, the real problems loom. Liquidity issues are next.

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A Great Man Cannot Salvage a Bad Idea

Media and CultureSocialismWorld History


Einstein might have been one of history's most brilliant men, but even his great mind could not have made socialism work. Unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to see that.

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As Interest Rates Rise, the Era of "Deficits Don't Matter" Is Over

Money and Banks


The world is changing, and in the coming five years we'll see how accelerating debt, declining demand for dollars, and rising price inflation will show how deficits do matter, after all. 

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