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The Fed's Current Monetary Stance Will Lead to Stagflation, Not Deflation

Booms and BustsInflationUnemploymentBusiness Cycles


After following hyper-Keynesian policies for more than two decades, the Fed is about to create the conditions that Keynesians claimed were impossible: an inflationary recession.

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The Recession in the Productive Sector Is Here


For the past three decades, the result has been the same: the US economy exits a crisis with significantly more debt, lower employment growth, and slower GDP recovery.

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The Dollar's Global Wake of Destruction

Fed WatchGlobal EconomyInflation


Even with near-record inflation, the US dollar still has gained strength relative to other currencies. This does not mean that the Fed has been acting responsibly.

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The Hardheaded Thought of Ludwig von Mises: Ever Attacked and Ever Triumphant

SocialismAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology

Responding to an attack on Ludwig von Mises in the socialist publication Jacobin, Professor Wiśniewski corrects the errors and sets the record straight.

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The Nobel for Government Intervention: Bernanke and Others Rewarded for Flawed Theories

Booms and BustsThe FedBusiness Cycles


This year's trio of Nobel winners in economics are short on actual economics and long on government intervention.

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The Bank of England Made Liz Truss a Scapegoat

Central BanksGlobal EconomyMoney and Banking


The only lesson for the United Kingdom is to remember that if you follow Greece’s economic policies, you get Greek debt, unemployment, and growth.

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The Perils of Higher Education: Institutional Failure



As we watch the once proud edifice of higher education in the USA crumble, we realize that we are looking at institutional failure itself.

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The French Must Rediscover the Taste for Individual Freedom: An Interview with Professor Pascal Salin



The French, who coined the term laissez-faire, have become people thoroughly captured by statism. Professor Salin shows another way for France to go.

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