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The Velocity of Money Circulation Is Another Economic Myth

KeynesMonetary PolicyMonetary Theory


Anyone who has taken a Keynesian-based macroeconomics course remembers the equation of exchange: MV = PY. This equation, however, is buried in fallacious economic thinking.

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The Fraudulent Social Contract of Bad Money Regimes

The FedInflationMoney and Banks


Progressives are fond of telling us that we are under a "social contract" with the government, in effect justifying whatever abuses authorities inflict. Putting up with massive inflation is the latest iteration of this so-called contract.

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The Front Lines of the Language Wars

LiberalismPhilosophy and Methodology


Language is at the front lines of the battle over institutions.

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To Limit the Reach of America's Stasi, the FBI, Vacate All FISA Rulings

The Police State


The FBI operates as an agency whose players know they are untouchable in the current regime. Vacating FISA rulings is one way to fight back.

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The Secessionist French Classical Liberals: Molinari and Dunoyer

Decentralization and Secession


Radical Charles Dunoyer wanted "the municipalization of the world" by which states would be broken up and forced to compete both with the private sector and with countless other states.

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The Other Immigration Question: Should People from Wealthy Countries Migrate to Poorer Ones?

Free MarketsImmigrationStrategy


While people from poor countries seek to live in places like the USA because of its stable institutions and welfare state, could migration of people from stable countries to less-developed ones make those countries better off?

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The Right of Self-Determination

Big GovernmentWorld History


The right of self-determination is the right of the inhabitants of every territory to decide on the state to which they wish to belong.

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The Fed Is Finally Seeing the Magnitude of the Mess It Created

Money and Banks


The Fed's entire "strategy" can be summed up as "hike 'til it breaks, cut 'til it inflates." That's the best all those PhDs at the Fed have managed to come up with. 

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