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DiLorenzo's Mises Academy Class Begins in One Week

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Tom DiLorenzo's Mises Daily article today, "The Virus of Imperialism," covers American imperialism up through the close of the nineteenth century. The impulse to conquer has been there from the beginning, Writes Prof. DiLorenzo:

One of the congressional leaders of the early nineteenth-century war party, Henry Clay [hoping to invade and conquer Canada], celebrated the declaration of war against Great Britain on June 4, 1812, by declaring that “Every patriot bosom must throb with anxious solicitude for the result. Every patriot arm will assist in making that result conducive to the glory of our beloved country”

Students enrolling in the five-week course "Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism" at Mises Academy will take a detailed look at the nineteenth century's numerous wars of choice, as well as those of the twentieth century and beyond.  

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