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Niebuhr, My God, to Thee

Free MarketsSocialismWar and Foreign Policy


Lutheran theologian Reinhold Niebuhr attracted numerous followers in postwar America in part because of his attacks on the free market. Perhaps he should have read Mises.

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No, Ordinary Russians Are Not Responsible for the Crimes of the Russian Regime

World History


In wartime, politicians frequently attempt to claim that all the citizens of foreign states are guilty of all the crimes their regimes commit. This is a modern invention, and a barbaric one.

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New York City Subways: The Woes of Socialist Enterprises

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationSocialism


New York City’s subways have become a nightmare, with rampant crime, delays, derailments, and poorly capitalized. This is a gift from "backdoor socialism."

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Nine Ways Debt and Deficit Spending Severely Harm African Societies

Free MarketsKeynesSocialism


Keynesian economics is a scourge to any nation that tries it, and African countries are no exception.

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No, It's Not "Greed" or "Price Gouging" That's Driving up Gas Prices


By late 2021, fueled by trillions in newly printed money, gasoline prices had surged to ten-year highs. Now, even in inflation-adjusted terms, gasoline prices are surging to new highs. 

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NATO Plans to Rip Off Americans Even More as Sweden and Finland Set to Join

War and Foreign Policy


The Europeans are welcome to keep NATO going if they like. But the time has come for the United States to exit.

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Nickel: How Government Alchemists Turned a Base Money Hard and Now Are Expected to Kill It.

InflationMonetary PolicyGold Standard


Nickel is a base metal the government used to replace silver. Since then, the government has inflated so much that even nickel is too valuable for US coinage.

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Noninterventionism Is Not Isolationism: The US Government Should Stop Arming Ukraine

War and Foreign Policy


Proponents of arming Ukraine against Russia call critics "isolationists" as a pejorative term. But these "entangling alliances" have a history of sad endings with tragic results.

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