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What Would Happen If the US Stopped Supporting Ukraine?

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


The standard line from US political elites is that failure to aid Ukraine would mean Russia's destruction of what is left of the country. However, the likely result would be a negotiated peace.

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What Would Mises Think? Austria Is Applying (Some) Austrian Economics

Bureaucracy and RegulationWorld HistoryAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology


While Austria is not the free-market republic Ludwig von Mises hoped it would be, the country has made many steps in the right direction, freeing markets and protecting private property.

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What the Technocrats Call "Economic Stability" Is Really Just Inflation

Book ReviewsInflationUnemploymentCapital and Interest Theory


Biden administration cheerleaders such as Paul Krugman claim that inflation is under control and that unemployment is falling. The numbers tell a very different story.

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Was the French Revolution Good or Bad?


 There are so many parts of the Revolution, so many stages, and so many protagonists, that we are sometimes confused as to how to interpret it. Historians tend to explain the Revolution according to their predilections, or even their heroes. 

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What is Software Quality? An Austrian Approach

Austrian Economics OverviewEntrepreneurshipSubjectivism


Even something that seems as objective as software development falls under the Austrian view of subjective utility.

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When It Comes to Economic Analysis, Your "Opinion" Is Irrelevant

Austrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeologySubjectivism


Subjective valuation, which is at the heart of Austrian economic thinking, is not the same thing as someone's opinion.

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Why Must Supply Precede Demand? Understanding Economic Foundations

Booms and BustsAustrian Economics OverviewPraxeology


Popular economic thinking holds that consumer spending is the most important driver of the economy. Actually, demand can’t exist without something first being supplied.

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What Is Seen—And What is NOT Seen: Bastiat's Often-Ignored Wisdom

Economic FreedomEconomic PolicyInterventionism


Bastiat reminded his readers that economic analysis involves not just what we see on the surface, but also the costs that are hidden from view.

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