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Monetary Competition: The Best Alternative to Razing Central Banks to the Ground

Central BanksMoney and Banking


"My preference would be that all state central banks would be shut down and razed to the ground, so that true money again could be produced by private firms. If not, at least the competition between national currencies should be as great as possible." –Murray Rothbard, 1993

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My Time with the FBI

The Police StateU.S. History


The FBI’s power and federal legitimacy are far more tenuous than Washington recognizes. Beyond the nation’s big cities, federal authority hinges largely on the consent of local citizens.

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Mises in Peru: La Prensa Interview, 1950

Global EconomyWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


In this brief interview, Ludwig von Mises discusses the state of the global economy, the Marshall Plan, and the road to recovery.

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Macroeconomic Data Is a Tool for Government Intervention

U.S. Economy


In a free, unhampered market, businesspersons in the pursuance of their goals will not require macroeconomic indicators. Entrepreneurs require an entirely different kind of data than what government data provides.

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My Case against Minimum-Wage Laws


We often hear these minimum wage laws are well intentioned. I cannot agree. Minimum-wage laws are evil in their methods (coercion) and evil in their goals (to make people believe they’re dependent on government). 

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Money Supply Growth Dropped in May to a 15-Month Low

Money Supply


During May 2021, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 15.3 percent. That's down from April's rate of 23.1 percent, and down from the May 2020 rate of 29.5 percent. 

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Missouri Tells the Feds: We Won't Enforce Your Gun Laws

Decentralization and Secession


The State of Missouri has adopted a new law mandating that state and local officials no longer assist in enforcing federal gun laws. The strategy has already been proven to work in states refusing to enforce federal marijuana laws. 

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Mortgage Companies Cash in on Pandemic Relief

U.S. Economy


“Mortgage companies have ramped up their purchases of government-backed mortgages in forbearance, and they are selling these loans back to investors at a profit.”

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