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Stop Pretending Price Inflation Is a Result of "Too Much" Profit


If a business raises the price of its goods and consumers (and consumers pay it) we will have here a specific price increase but not a general increase in prices. That's not inflation.

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State-Level Secession Isn't Enough. The States Themselves Must Be Radically Decentralized.


The benefits of decentralization don't stop at the state level. State governments themselves must be broken up into decentralized confederations that allow for local vetoes, local sovereignty, and regional autonomy.

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Smallpox: The Historical Myths behind Mandatory Vaccines

HealthWorld History

Vaccine mandates are not a new invention, and states have long pushed a narrative exaggerating the success of mandates in the past. 

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Since 2008, Monetary Policy Has Cost American Savers about $4 Trillion

Money and Banks


After thirteen years with on average negative real returns to conservative savings, it is time to require the Federal Reserve to address its impact on savers.

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Speech Isn't a "Threat" Just Because a Government Official Says So


Many parents are becoming angry over the contempt with which they are treated by school officials. So school board officials are attempting to use federal "harassment" laws to silence critics.

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Should War Be Made "Humane"?

War and Foreign Policy


Moyn fears that "humane warfare" along with programs of global surveillance, would subject the world to hegemonic control by one or a few dominant superpowers.

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Social Justice and the Emergence of Covid Tyranny

Media and CulturePhilosophy


The covid regime has extended and deepened the epistemic crisis inaugurated by postmodernism and practical postmodernism. Science has devolved into a series of non sequiturs backed by force. Science has become postmodern.

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Shakespeare Helps Us Understand Rome's Descent into Empire

Book Reviews


In Shakespeare’s Rome, Cantor helps us to understand why Shakespeare was not only a great writer but a great political thinker as well, and that is no mean achievement.

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