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Wages, Prices, and the Demand for Money: Keynes Got It All Wrong

Labor and Wages

Blog3 hours ago

When markets are mostly free, prices adjust freely and constantly to adapt to new realities. Yet Keynes failed to understand how market rigidities are caused by government intervention. He blamed markets instead.

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The Fed Plans to Raise Interest Rates—Years from Now

Blog8 hours ago

The Fed isn’t here to take away the punch bowl anymore. The Fed is the punch bowl. 

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Mortgage Companies Cash in on Pandemic Relief

U.S. Economy

Blog10 hours ago

“Mortgage companies have ramped up their purchases of government-backed mortgages in forbearance, and they are selling these loans back to investors at a profit.”

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Biden Wants To Seize Control of Local Land-Use Regulations

Bureaucracy and RegulationDecentralization and SecessionU.S. History


Empowering state legislatures—or worse, the federal government—to abolish local regulations would be a grave mistake. 

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Understanding the "Private" in "Private Security"

Legal System


Ultimately, we are responsible for ensuring our own security and our incentives are aligned with those of third parties with whom we can contract to assist us. In this regard, security is no different than many other desirable things. 

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Governments Are Failing at Their Most Basic Duties—While Promising Free Stuff

U.S. History


Political candidates are offering endless government spending and "free stuff" for everyone. But at the same time, governments appear incapable of performing even basic duties like ending street riots. 

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Why Big Business Is Helping the Regime

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Faced with a "join us or be destroyed" ultimatum from federal regulators or lawmakers, most private firms choose the "join us" option. 

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People Change Their Minds. That Doesn't Make Them Irrational.

SubjectivismValue and Exchange


Human beings do not have constant value scales, but change their goals constantly as the world around them changes. This habit of changing goals does not make a consumer "irrational."

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