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The Dominion Lawsuit against Fox News Is Part of the War against Free Speech

U.S. History


Taxpayer-funded company Dominion is suing private parties for saying things the company doesn't like. These lawsuits illustrate how defamation laws can be used to destroy free speech.

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The Environmentalist Revolt against Humanity.

The EnvironmentMedia and CultureProgressivism


Some on the progressive left are not satisfied with just trying to "save the planet." They want to eliminate the human race altogether.

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The Ukraine War Isn't about Democracy. It's about States Seeking More Power.


The fight between Russia and NATO is not about "democracy versus authoritarianism." Rather both the US and Russian states are doubling down because they are doing what states do: seeking power.

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Time Preference and Success: Is There Any Link?

Capital and Interest TheoryPraxeology


Austrian economists have long emphasized the importance of time preference in determination of interest rates and the direction of the economy. Here is more evidence of why that is true.

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The Ruling Classes Are Inflation Deniers and the Ship of Fools Sails On

The FedInflationProgressivismU.S. Economy


Even after two years of "transitory" inflation, America's ruling classes insist that prices are falling and that all of this is temporary. We don't believe them.

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The Economics of Arts and Culture

The EntrepreneurFree MarketsStrategy


Both artists and athletes perform for others. When governments get involved it either is for subsidies or censorship. Neither is satisfactory.

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The Income Tax: Lessons from the Sixteenth Amendment

Taxes and Spending


The passage of an income tax in the early twentieth century was an enormous shift toward a far more centralized and powerful US state.

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