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Why Keynes Was Wrong about Unemployment

Labor and Wages


Henry Hazlitt’s second law is the observation that everything in Keynes's General Theory is either unoriginal or untrue. Keynes's theory of unemployment equilibrium is the most original aspect of his work. 

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Why Monetary "Stimulus" Won't Prevent an Economic Bust

Money and Banks


If the Fed were to embark on aggressive monetary pumping to counter economic recession this will not produce the intended effect. It will only dilute the pool of real savings and make things worse.

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Without Sound Economics, the Progressives Win


Many subscribe to the mistaken belief that the facts speak for themselves, that experience and common sense by themselves can explode false interpretations. The march of Progressivism has proven this fanciful idea wrong. 

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What They Must Learn Now


Mises University offers students a radical alternative: a week where civilization and truth reassert themselves. In addition to Austrian economics, they receive a grounding in the foundations of a free society, from property and markets to social cooperation to peace.

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Why "Wild Swings" in Crypto Prices Are Not Really a Problem

U.S. History


Price "stability" has never been a feature of a free marketplace.  Stability is an obsession of central banks, and the day may come when central bankers intervene to "stabilize" crypto prices. That will be a bad thing. 

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Why Corporate Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups Won't Go Away

U.S. History


Today, the political system really is in many ways what H.L. Mencken suggested when he described elections as a sort of "advance auction of stolen goods." The only answer lies in reducing the number of stolen goods available.

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Why Are Progressives Obsessed with the Transgender Policies at the College of the Ozarks?

Bureaucracy and RegulationU.S. History


Anyone considering going to the very conservative College of the Ozarks knows what he's getting into. Yet the Biden administration has launched a war on this tiny college in the name of "equality" for transgendered students who have no reason to ever set foot there.

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Why Is the French Government Running Off Foreign Investors?

Protectionism and Free Trade


Most people understand that it's a good thing when others invest money and capital in your community. But when Canadian investors offered to pour money into France as part of a deal to buy a French company, the regime said no thanks. 

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