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Rothbard on Today's Progressive War Jingoism

War and Foreign Policy


Rothbard the historian explained so well how the true progressive goal was always to remake America domestically by promoting war.

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Real Scientific Inquiry Requires Dissent. But That's Not What the CDC and JAMA Want.



The scientific method requires free and open dissent from any scientific hypothesis. Yet JAMA is requesting that medical boards become a new Inquisition to root out heresy and apostasy from CDC doctrines.

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Russia Isn't Nearly as Isolated as Washington Wants You to Believe

War and Foreign Policy


Those gloating about Russia being "cut off" are overstating the case. In fact, many of the world's largest countries have shown a reluctance to participate in the US's sanction schemes, and even close US allies aren't going along with it.

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Russia and China Aren't the Natural Allies Many Assume Them to Be


Russia and China may share an interest in countering US hegemony, but the two states also must deal with many sources of conflict, from trade blocs to border wars. 

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Russian Weakness and the Russian "Threat" to the West


From economic power to demographics to military spending, Russia simply doesn't have the ability to be a great power that threatens anyone outside its "near abroad." 

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Report from Canada: The Regime Is Lying about the Truckers

World History


Here in Canada, the trucker protesters (and their supporters) have been civil and maintained the usual Canadian niceness. This civility has not been reciprocated by the political class.

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Rising Rents and Cheap Money Flowing—So Apartment Prices Are Soaring

Money and Banks


Fannie Mae is helping ensure easy money flows to apartments. That means multifamily prices are heading skyward like asset prices overall.

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Review: Understanding Money Mechanics

Book ReviewsMoney and Banks


Bob Murphy provides the “intelligent layperson a concise yet comprehensive overview of the theory, history, and practice of money and banking, with a focus on the United States.”

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