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The World Needs an Austrian-School Approach to Economic History

Economic historians should reconcile with economics as a science that is key to the analysis, categorization, and explanation of past phenomena.
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The World Is Creeping Toward De-Dollarization

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

The reign of every world reserve currency has to come to an end at some point in time.
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The Space Race Is Now "Privatized" — But You're Still Paying for It

Taxes and SpendingWorld History

"Ultimately, this is going to be a huge public-private partnership," says Elon Musk, as he rakes in taxpayer money.
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The Relationship Between Saving and Money

Money and Banking

It is not money that funds economic activity but the saved pool of final consumer goods. Money only facilitates the flow of the real savings.
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The Part-Time Critics of Central Banks

Money and Banks

07/14/2017Mises Wire
The central bank critics today who were not critics of the great bailouts and stimulus have reserved their criticisms for what hurts their interests.
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Time to Cash Out of the Banking System?

Business Cycles

Uh-oh. Chairman Yellen assured us today that she does not believe that there will be another financial crisis "in our lifetimes."
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The Money-Velocity Myth

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Velocity has nothing to do with the purchasing power of money.
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