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The "Buy Black" Movement: Divisive or a Boon to Black Entrepreneurs?

The EntrepreneurFree MarketsEntrepreneurship


Calls for black consumers to "Buy Black" can be interpreted as socially divisive, but they are also a way to encourage black entrepreneurs in a free market.

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The Failure of Public Works and Public Funding

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic FreedomHayekCalculation and Knowledge


Shoddy service, regular breakdowns, and overbudget to boot. There is a reason why government-funded projects always waste resources.

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The Putrid Underbelly of Woke Capitalism

Cronyism and CorporatismMedia and CultureProgressivism


American corporations are lavishing billions of dollars on leftist groups in the name of "equity." But many of them also are donating to even more questionable people and causes.

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The US Followed a Policy of Foreign Intervention Long before World War II

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy


One of the great fictions of US history is that the USA's foreign policy was based on noninterventionism until the nation was forced to enter World War II.

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Taxing Capital Leads to Capital Consumption

Economic PolicyCapital and Interest Theory


Progressive governments in the name of equity are calling for taxation of capital gains. They really are demanding destruction of capital through capital consumption.

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The Money Supply Has Plummeted in the Biggest Drop Since the Great Depression


With negative growth now falling to near –10 percent, money-supply contraction is now the largest we've seen since the Great Depression. 

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The New Immigration Bill Is a Trojan Horse for E-Verify and Is a Threat to All Americans

Bureaucracy and RegulationLabor and WagesU.S. History


A new bill being sold as an "immigration control" measure is really a vast expansion of the federal regulatory and surveillance state known as "E-Verify."  The potential for abuse is enormous. 

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The Fed Is Overindebted, Isn’t It?

Economic PolicyThe FedMoney and BanksStrategyU.S. Economy


By any conventional measures of finance, the Federal Reserve has negative equity. In the long run, cooking the books only puts off the day of reckoning.

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