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The V-Shaped Recovery Never Happened

U.S. Economy


Some may remember all that talk about a "V-shaped recovery" last year. That was back when we were being assured that just a few weeks of lockdowns was going to bring the economy roaring back. Clearly, that never happened. 

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To Understand Economics, First Understand Private Property

World HistoryMoney and Banking


Rothbard recognized that money and exchange could not develop without first establishing private property. So Rothbard also recognized that it was important to develope theories of how private property might come about. 

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To Stop the Left, America Needs a Rothbardian Right

Decentralization and SecessionDemocracyOld Right


Thankfully for the American right, there is another alternative to the neoconservatism of William Buckley, the neoliberalism of Milton Friedman, and the paleo-progressivism of Teddy Roosevelt: the libertarian populism of Murray Rothbard.

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This Is What the Progressives Want To Do to Us

U.S. History


Think of Minneapolis and Portland and then apply that model nationwide. Then you have an idea where progressive radicals want to take us. 

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Taxation through a Rothbardian Lens

Taxes and SpendingInterventionism

Murray Rothbard was a pioneer in analyzing taxation from an Austrian or causal-realist standpoint. However, he never explicitly engaged the standard theory of deadweight loss from taxation. This article develops the Austrian analysis of taxation further toward this end

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The EU's Woes Are a Political Problem, Not an Economic One

Decentralization and SecessionGlobal EconomyProtectionism and Free Trade

The problem with the European Union is not that it seeks to integrate Europe's economies. The problem comes from attempts to integrate politics as well. 

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The True Cost of Taxation Is Much Higher Than Your Tax Bill


If we look beyond the mere tax revenue totals, we begin to understand that the cost of taxation to society is far higher than the tax revenue raised and that the costs to society of taxation grow faster than the size of government.

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The Economics and Ethics of Government Default, Part II

Monetary PolicyTaxes and SpendingPhilosophy and Methodology

The economic analysis of repudiation applies to the debt of all levels of government and to all countries. The central question is not how big the government is or how much it owes, but rather whether the debt is funded by taxes.

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