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Biden Has Embraced Trump's Protectionism

Protectionism and Free Trade


Tariffs and trade controls are little more than tax increases and a chance to further empower a bloated bureaucracy. Not surprisingly, Biden doesn't appear to be enthusiastic about embracing free trade.

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Bitcoin Isn't Any More Dangerous than the Euro

Money and Banks


It's a bit rich that European central bankers are decrying the alleged risks and dangers of bitcoin. After all, the euro currency poses many destabilizing dangers and risks of its own for the European economy.

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Biden's Infrastructure Plan Points to Even More Price Inflation

Taxes and Spending


An additional—and quick—$1 trillion spending boost in energy-intensive and material consuming industries is likely to create new problems in terms of inflation and supply shortages.

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Billionaire Plutocrat Jamie Dimon Wants to Ditch the Debt Ceiling

Money and Banks


Deficit spending—which begets inflationary monetary policy—has been a boon for the financial sector and its billionaires. Naturally, bank CEOs would love to get rid of the debt ceiling. 

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Biden Bizarrely Claims That Government Spending Is Costless


Biden's spending plan is presumed to be costless, because it will not increase the national debt and since it will be paid for by imposing $2.1 trillion of higher taxes on those designated as "rich."

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Berliners in 2021 Want to Expropriate Private Housing


The Berlin “housing crisis” has, of course, many causes. But most, if not all of them, are government made. Unfortunately, however, people blame “capitalists” for their plight.

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Before a Bust, There Is Always a Boom (and Malinvestment)

Money and Banks


An economic depression is not caused by a decline in the money supply per se, but results from a shrinking pool of savings made possible by a previous bout of monetary inflation.

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Biden's Vaccine Mandates: It's about Power


Biden's vaccine mandates are yet another dangerous frontier in using a perceived or real crisis to justify an immense expansion in state power and control over the population. 

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