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The War on Landlords Has Begun


It does not bode well for our society when proposals to simply expropriate property are becoming more and more prevalent and discussed with more seriousness.

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The Shutdown May Soon Collapse in Pennsylvania Thanks to Local Resistance

StrategyPolitical Theory


With such chaos, confusion, and incompetence playing out, it is little wonder that more and more Pennsylvanians are refusing to obey lockdown decrees.

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This Crisis Will Not Bring Americans Together and Maybe That Is a Good Thing

Decentralization and SecessionStrategy


Thanks to the growth of the state over time, political stakes have become much higher, and groups fear that they will be crushed by the other side if they lose. Crisis-induced cohesion is not a silver bullet, but rather a ticking time bomb.

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Tolkien, Christianity, and the State

Media and Culture


Conservatives appear to be increasingly in favor of using the power of the state to force their agenda. But what happens when the state they favor is turned against them?

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The Problem with Paid Parental Leave

Big GovernmentValue and Exchange

Once again, good-intentioned policies that ignore the laws of economics only hurt those who they were originally intended to help.
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