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It’s Against the Law to Paddleboard Without a Whistle

Big GovernmentThe Police State

Nullifying the Coast Guard’s designation of paddleboards as vessels would be a victory for summer, and a defeat for Washington.
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Inflation-Hawk Lacker Was the Fed's Fall Guy

The Fed

04/11/2017Mises Wire
Whether the original source of the Medley leak is found, the episode shows more transparency is needed at the Fed.
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In Defense of Deflation

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

04/28/2016The Austrian
The fear of deflation is a big problem for the future of the global economy.
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Including the Ocean Floor, the Feds Own Much More Land than You Think

U.S. HistoryPricesValue and Exchange

03/17/2016Mises Wire
The US government owns immense amounts of dry land, but the US government also owns far larger amounts of ocean floor. Government ownership of such immense amounts of natural resources causes substantial distortions to prices and markets.
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In a Post-Boom World, Auto Prices Will Fall

Booms and BustsPricesValue and Exchange

01/19/2016Mises Wire
Thanks to easy credit, automobiles have become very complex and luxurious, and brimming with safety features. The cost of producing these cars, however, won't keep prices from falling once the bubble bursts.
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Is the Auto Loan Bubble Ready to Pop?

Booms and BustsMedia and CultureMoney and Banking

01/11/2016Mises Wire
The housing bubble has been replaced by a number of new bubbles. Among them is the auto loan bubble. Car loans now last longer than ever and are going to more people with bad credit. This might not end well.
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