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Javier Milei Understands the Road to Serfdom



Javier Milei is trying to undo the damage created by nearly a century of socialism in Argentina. Mises, Rothbard, and Hayek were good teachers.

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Jacobin Capitalism?

Free MarketsLibertarianismPoliticsSocialism


In his review of Claes G. Ryn's The Failure of American Conservatism, David Gordon points out that Austrian economic methodology is not a value-laden Jacobin experiment, but rather a workable explanation of how a successful economy works.

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Jamaica Still Struggles Economically, But There Is Hope for the Future

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationThe EntrepreneurFree Markets


The island nation of Jamaica has beautiful beaches but a problem with poverty. Jamaica needs capital and free markets, not more state control of the economy.

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Javier Milei Is Not a Problem for Argentina. Socialism Is.

Money and Banks


Something is very wrong in the developed world when some consider Milei a dangerous radical and say nothing about the radicalism implemented in the Fernandez-Kirchner years.

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Join Us for the Medical Freedom Summit!


Join the Mises Institute, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty for the Medical Freedom Summit!

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Jay Powell Said the Banking System Is "Sound and Resilient." Now More Banks Are in Trouble.

Money and Banks


If the Fed is serious about bringing down price inflation, it's difficult to see how the Fed can do that while also guaranteeing more liquidity to an obviously fragile banking system.

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Joe Biden and Protectionism: Continuing to Make America "Grate"

PoliticsProtectionism and Free Trade


Joe Biden likes taxes. So it should hardly be surprising that Biden has also embraced protectionism and is anti free-trade, which is fundamentally a pro-tax position. 

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Joe Biden Calls for the FTC to Resurrect the Robinson Patman Act. It's a Very Bad Idea

Bureaucracy and RegulationLegal SystemProgressivismU.S. Economy


The Biden administration wants to bring back a New Deal relic aimed at putting the old A&P grocery stores out of business. The law is anticonsumer and antientrepreneur.

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