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Caesar Is Not God. God Is Not Caesar.

World History


This new religion was odd in that it rejected the divinity and dominion of political rulers and declared that the real savior of mankind—and his kingdom—is "not of this world."

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Covid Lockdowns Will Be Remembered as One of the Greatest Policy Failures Ever

World History


Lockdowns and school closures will go down as one of the worst peacetime policy disasters of all time. Never again should the well-being of our children be sacrificed to placate the neuroses of adults.

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Conservatives and the Free Trade Straw Man

Protectionism and Free Trade


Conservatism is allegedly grounded in a recognition of the natural limits of humanity. But when it comes to free trade, conservatives throw all that out the window. 

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China's Financial Bubbles Remind Us of Scams like Britain's South Sea Bubble

World History


It never ends well: to clean up mountains of bad debts, the Chinese regime has employed debt-for-equity schemes that could leave countless ordinary investors in deep trouble.

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Cronyism, Not Welfare, Is China's Big Problem

World History


In an economy where the ruling party controls enormous portions of the economy, attempts to redistribute some of that state-owned wealth isn't necessarily a move against the private sector.

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Contract Rights Are Not the Same as Natural Rights

Book Reviews


Contracts are voidable and thoroughly changeable. They can be totally ignored with the consent of both parties. But natural rights are not like contracts and can't be abolished even with consent.

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Central Banks and Socialism Are Forever Linked Together

Money and Banks


Central banks always and everywhere weaken economic growth by undermining the propensity to save; they are destabilizing the economy by fueling a debt economy.

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Can a Libertarian Work at a Public University?

Labor and Wages


In real life, the labor market includes government employers. So the fundamental question is whether or not a laborer can morally seek out the highest wage offered by all employers.

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