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Capital versus Labor: The Great Decoupling

Labor and Wages

Opponents of markets claim that worker wages have not kept up with worker productivity. This incorrect claim is based on two mistakes in estimating wages. 

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Canada Nice No Longer: Trudeau's Totalitarian Response to Trucker Protests

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Police State


In 2020, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed alarm that the Trump administration might put down violent protests in US cities. In 2022, he decides a heavy-handed response to peaceful protests is justified.

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Could Blockchain Technology Help End Fractional Reserve Banking?


Blockchain technology might be useful in forcing banks to be more transparent in how they handle reserves. 

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Can State Power Cancel Economic Law?

Bureaucracy and Regulation

As much as we may wish to substitute government edicts for markets, the fact is no amount of government control can overturn the realities of economic law.

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Central Planners Don't Know What's Best for You



Flawed as we are and with limited knowledge about the world and ourselves, we might not know what is objectively “best for us long term.” Government planners know even less.

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Colonialism Isn't the Source of Latin America's High Inequality

World History


Latin America's antiglobalization epoch, from 1913 to 1970, was marked by high regulations and antitrade efforts that have fueled Latin America's economic problems.

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Chile's New President Threatens the Nation's Market-Driven Prosperity

World History


Gabriel Boric is no friend of free trade, low taxes, or markets in general. Yet these policies are what made Chile the most prosperous country in South America.

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Could 2022 Bring the Collapse of the Euro?

Financial MarketsGlobal EconomyMoney and Banking


With the Eurozone’s global systemically important banks geared up to 30x, rising bond yields of little more than a few percent could collapse the entire euro system.

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