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Trump’s NDAA Veto Threat Should Force a Conversation on Defense Spending

Corporate WelfareCronyism and Corporatism


A dirty secret of congressional military spending is that when the government allocates billions in spending, unnecessary, wasteful, and parochial interests quickly find their way into the legislation.

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The Socialists' Plan for "Ecological Leninism"

Book ReviewsThe EnvironmentSocialism


"The race to zero [carbon emissions] would have to be coordinated through control measures—rationing, reallocating, requisitioning, sanctioning, ordering" and much more.

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The Unintended Consequences of Internet Privacy Regulations

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and Regulation


Governments are good at shifting risk in sneaky ways, but they can’t legislate it out of existence.

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The Weirdest, Most Distorted Economy Ever


The Fed is not allowing the economy to heal, but instead induces more distortions and weirdness. The explosion in orders for new trucks is perhaps just the latest example.

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There's Still No Evidence that Either Lockdowns or Masks Are "Game Changers"


Politicians once assured us that they could get deaths down to zero with lockdowns and mask mandate. They don't seem to say that anymore. 

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There Is No Conflict Between Classical Liberalism and Religion

World History


Although some conservatives may insist that the classical liberals are necessarily opposed to a "God-centered" social order, the historical facts suggest otherwise. 

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The "Great Reset" and Plans for a Global War on Savings

Taxes and Spending


Emerging market debt-to-GDP hit nearly 250 percent in the third quarter, with China reaching 335 percent, and for the year the ratio is expected to reach about 365 percent of global GDP.

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There Is No Chinese Economic Miracle

Economic PolicySocialism


In most economies, inventories are valued at market prices, while in China they are valued by the authorities and adjusted later. This is just one of many ways China manipulates GDP data.

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