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Guatemala: The Human Rights Nightmare That Is the US Drug War

World History


Biden's plan to give more money to Central American regimes will do nothing to compensate farmers, businessmen, and others still victimized by the US war on drugs.

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Government Property Is Sacred. Your Property? Not So Much.

U.S. History


The government tantrum over the Capitol riot has shown that the regime sees its own property as sacrosanct. Your private property, on the other hand, is completely expendable and of no importance whatsoever. 

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GDP Hides the Damage from the Covid-19 Lockdowns

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Government money printing may goose GDP, but It will do nothing to fix the losses that millions have suffered from covid restrictions and lockdowns. 

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Gun Laws and Decentralization: Lessons from "Constitutional Carry"

Decentralization and Secession


Forty years ago, the US had almost no legal concealed carry. Then over just a few decades, eighteen states adopted full-blown "constitutional carry" provisions, with many other states adopting concealed carry provisions as well. 

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Government Won't Save Us from Big Media

Monopoly and Competition


It's conservatives, not libertarians, who are naïve about big media power. 

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George Will's Tepid Defense of Freedom

Book ReviewsDemocracyPolitical Theory


With his latest book, George Will has inched back toward his libertarian roots. But he is still far too enamored of the Tory paternalism that has long infected his work. 

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Germany's Inflation Tax and the Rising Cost of Living

Global EconomyInflationLabor and Wages


If we take the tax burden and asset price inflation into account, real incomes in Germany aren't doing nearly as well as the official data suggests. 

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Gold Could Offer a Way out of Switzerland's Failing Inflationist Experiment

Central BanksWorld HistoryMoney and Banking


The Swiss state should end antigold regulations, end negative interest rates, and return to zero rates on bank reserves. These are small steps on their own, perhaps, but would be progress away from the brewing mess that is the eurozone.

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