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Age-Adjusted Mortality Is at 2004 Levels. Yet They Tell Us Covid Is Worse Than the 1918 Flu.

U.S. History


It is important to get some much-needed context when examining a disease which is being used to justify unprecedented increases in state power and violations of human rights.

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A Global Fiat Currency: "One Ring to Rule Them All"

Money and Banks


The One Ring of power stands for the particularly evil idea of creating a state of states, a world government, a world state. A one-world fiat currency is similarly dangerous. 

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Austrian Economics and Scientific Realism

Philosophy and Methodology


Human action does not operate under fixed causal laws, and according to philosopher Uskala Mäki, “The absence of [these laws] has been forcefully underlined by several Austrian economists.” 

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A Legacy of Corruption in the FDA and Big Pharma

Corporate Welfare


As long as Big Pharma wants it, and if there's a profit to be made, apparently our government will be there to provide lots of taxpayer funding. Actual healthcare is apparently a secondary concern. 

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Against Biden's Mandates

Anti-PoliticsBig GovernmentLiberalismProgressivism


Contra Mr. Biden, this is entirely about freedom and personal choice.

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America's Economy Is Heading Down the Same Road as Italy's


This article has been removed at the request of the author. 

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Afghanistan: A Tragically Stupid War Comes to a Tragic End


Trump shares some of the blame. He wanted to get out years ago, but never had the courage to stand up to the incompetent generals and “experts” he foolishly hired to advise him.

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An End to the Bizarre CDC Rent Moratorium

Big GovernmentPrice ControlsPolitical TheoryPrivate Property


Many landlords just received a crash course about how irrelevant their property rights are in Washington.

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