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OPEC Can't Make High Oil Prices Go Away

World History


OPEC is not irrelevant, but the fact is that rising oil prices are more a function of monetary inflation and government efforts to stifle the oil industry.

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Of Common, Public, and Private Property and the Rationale for Total Privatization

Private Property


Hoppe lays out the nature and role of private property in human relations and the flawed concept of public property.

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Opposition Builds to the F-35 Program's Runaway Costs

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign Policy


The reliability and service life of the F-35 were greatly exaggerated in earlier reports. Now the aircraft is looking like an even bigger boondoggle than before. 

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One Year Later: The Police Still Won't Come Clean on Duncan Lemp's Death



Local politicians have pretended the Lemp killing never happened and the media let them get away with it—the same way that most of the New York media covered Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home catastrophe last year.

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Only Ideological Change Can Make the World a More Peaceful Place

PhilosophyWar and Foreign Policy


Given that so much of the world is in the grip of false ideologies, what can we do? Mises says that the answer does not lie in international organizations or treaties. “It is futile to place confidence in treaties, conferences, and…bureaucratic outfits" 

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Our National Psychosis

Big GovernmentDemocracyStrategy


"We’re already past any of these illusions about democracy or politics or constitutionalism. I would argue that we’ve reached the point where loving our country requires us to identify and begin to separate the various nations which are within it. I think there’s nothing more important today."

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On Foreign Policy, Trump Is Still the Lesser Evil

War and Foreign Policy


The Democrats, Liz Cheney, and the Never Trumpers still want endless wars, and they hate Trump's apparent lack of enthusiasm for embracing their dreams of empire.

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Our Politicians Would Probably Be Better If We Picked Them by Lot

StrategyPolitical Theory


Rather than choose among a group of narcissists desperate to become popular by redistributing the income of others, why not choose officeholders by lot for a single term?

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